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tv   WBZ News  CBS  December 4, 2015 6:00pm-6:30pm EST

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sincere. >> the fbi says it knows who purchased the guns used in the attack but they are not under arrest. back to you. >> and once again we are seeing some parallels between the attacks in california and what we experienced here with the boston bombings. >> in both cases you are dealing with family members that took others. it looks like it with the wife who was first to radicalize and may have later brought her husband along with her. in both cases you have suspects who traveled abroad. we are hearing something similar happened with him during one of his visits to see his then fiance when she was there.
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net played a big role in encouraging the terrorists. the pipe bombs are almost identical to the brother's pipe bombs. finally in both situations you have a pair of attackers who apparently put a lot of thought into their initial act but then stayed nearby choosing to build more -- build more bombs. >> stay with us and cbs for the latest developments. now to the breaking news in boston. the bomb squad forced to debt death -- detonate a suspicious package. beth is live in boston. beth? >> well it was quick work by police.
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late this afternoon they arrested 50-year-old james derepentigny. he was will -- will be back brought back to boston to face arraignment. >> police say it was this man, 50-year-old james derepentigny who caused a bomb scare in boston's financial district. they checked out this suspicious suitcase left by a homeland security vehicle. >> they x-rayed and seen some components inside. at that time they took a step back, we got our robot in there. >> was a lengthy operation. the robot first moving the case to a more isolated spot. then police performing a controlled detonation as crowds in the area were pushed back. >> kind of like a surreal. you don't expect what is going on or anything like that.
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actually going to detonate everything it makes you appreciate -- the security we do have. >> police say there were no explosives in the case. homeland security cameras captured the image of a man placing it near the vehicle and then walking away. that called for an immediate police response. >> what bothers us is the behavior and why he played it next to a homeland security vehicle and then her hered a heres away -- hered away >> such stuff going on in this world right now. definitely -- we don't need it. >> so in the end police say it was all a hoax but it was better to be safe than sorry with their response. so far we have new kales -- details of the arrest. back to you. now at 6:00 a fire tragedy
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four people killed despite the efforts of firefighters. jim smith is live in lynn with the story tonight. jim? >> david tonight this investigation is intensifying. in fact this state fire marshal is now asking the public for help as they try determine a cause here. take look, you can see how badly damaged this home here is. a total loss after this deadly fire. a nightmare in lynn. flames consume a three unit apartment building with about 20 people inside around 1:00 a.m. two women were rescued. four people on the second floor were killed. young men living on the first floor were able to scramble to safety. tonight they are back at the scene reliving every terrible moment. them? >> no. >> too hot? >> yeah. the fire was coming to our face. we couldn't do nothing.
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fire says spoof. >> that was my little brother's home. >> she escaped her third floor apartment. >> did you see a lot of smoke and flames? >> yes. all over the house. we couldn't breathe or see anything. i don't know how we just got out. >> the danger lingered. at one point the roof collapsed while our morning crew was luckily nobody was hurt. investigation. tonight the fire marshal is asking anybody who may have seen something to contact them. >> they will look for those crews that will hopefully lead us to a cause of this terrible tragedy. >> this tragedy has touched the community deeply.
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marshal's office goes, they are interested to see if anybody shot any home video of this fire. witnesses. those witnesses can do it aman mousily as well. well. back to you. >> we want to give you a closer firefighters were facing here. much room. the neighboring buildings are very close by. this street is long and narrow. on one side of course it is actually a dead end which made it very difficult for firefighters. one other thing to think about as you look at this structure, not very big. there were 19 people living there. our team has been looking at the inspections for this building. >> this building was illegal three family house. 19 people lived there. according to officials there is
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members that can live in a unit. however there have been ten other complaints over the last few years. the code violations involved sanitary issues. inspections showed violations for not having windows, floors and ceiling in good condition. there were 19 people living here in this building. the landlord has owned the build fog -- building for six years. back to you. also breaking tonight, aaron hernandez has been taken out of the prison's general population. they said a knife was found in his prison cell. of course he is serving a life sentence for the murder of lloyd. he faces additional murder charges.
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make it official >> that is right. david police price -- price is their new ace. >> the tough questions have already started. next price tries to explain his post season problems. plus a little girl's precious christmas wish. money to help less fortunate kids. high pressure is in control. it should be nice and sunny here all weekend long.
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a little girl's heart warming wish. what does she want for christmas? money but to give to the less fortunate. she like a lot of other little girls. she asking santa for tickets to see taylor swift.
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little kids that aren't as fortunate as she is. >> 8-year-old kylie plowman and her younger sister are counting down the days till christmas. this year christmas came early for kylie. >> i am going to show you where my elf is. >> thanks to herself. >> she said the most helpful thing in the world would be to them. >> not a lot of people like get christmas gifts on christmas. i thought i could help them. >> her daughter was so impressed page. the donations keep outpouring. >> it is unbelievable the response we have been getting.
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now that in one day it was like over $1,000. it was like i need to set a new goal. so -- [ laughter ] my next goal is $2,000. i am over $2,000 so -- >> what will be the goal now? >> i don't v no have -- have no idea. >> she also wrote to santa, i hope i am not asking for too much. >> i do like opening presents but -- the most thing that matters is me is celebrating a really good holiday with her family. >> she said she plans on donating all the money later on in the month. if you want to help her we have the link on our website. >> she is a sweetie. i have a prediction.
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we have a great weather story. it will be perfect weather. >> you don't often see december weekends like the one we are about to have. >> so true. it will be so nice out there. sunshine all over the place. today it was up to 48. that was the same temperature in boston. 48 at 2:00 this afternoon. the average high for this day, 45. currently we are back down not 40s in most spots. we do have a cloud cover out there. it moved in. it is nice this morning but it became cloudy this afternoon. should be clearing up during the night. notice hourly is here. it goes down to about 36 probably the average low in boston overnight and starts rising tomorrow morning. these are the current numbers. mostly all in the 40s.
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near 30 as the sky clears out later tonight. it will drop down quite a bit. 36 in boston. then we placed by about a 52 in the city tomorrow. a few upper 40s here and there. you don't see much in the way of cloud cover. right on through tomorrow it will be clear tomorrow night. basically sunny all day long on sunday as well. should be fine for the pats game later on sunday. kick off 54. down to 40 by the time they get close to the end of the game. high pressure is really moving closer here. by the end of the weekend these clouds will get closer and closer. they won't really arrive till late monday. this will give us a little rain here on perhaps tuesday. the next two weeks overall show above average temperatures in the eastern part of the nation.
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when it stops nobody knows. at least i don't see any snow in sight. it may rain a little bit later tuesday. so far no snow coming up. just a beautiful weekend. enjoy. >> almost like an early april day at fenway park. >> you bet. red sox making some news today. >> yeah. >> certainly big news here. it took the part of the entire day here for david price to go through the physical and get up to par with everything red sox. officially we can't say that he is a member of the boston red sox signing his more than $200 million contract to pitch for the next seven years. an hour ago he was officially boston red sox. of course with boston being boston, it didn't take long for
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everyone wants to know, why he has struggled 2-7 so much in the post season. >> i think i was just saving all my post season wins for the red sox. [ laughter ] i think you guys will enjoy them. [applause] i know good things will happen to me in okts. i know times will change -- october. i know times will change. uh know i can throw the baseball the way i do in the regular season in the playoffs. hopefully it is in 2016. >> well he has had a bit of a history with david. i asked him if would be in any problems. he said none whatsoever. all right let's move on to the patriots. here is another one for you. collins looking better. as for the patriots overall, quite a laundry list of players
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we do know they are both out. collins coming back. has practiced all week long. could play this sunday. with hightower listed as questionable, the line backing crew is thin. >> [ indiscernible ] to play, then it becomes a football decision. if the player is not cleared by the medical don't play then there is no decision to make. that is it, he doesn't play. but if -- just because they clear him to play doesn't mean that a coaching decision would be made to play the player. sometimes -- just depends on all the circumstances. >> all right for more on the match up be sure to check out patriotses all act -- patriots all access coming up in a bit. also we will get you going sunday morning with patriots game day at 11:30. immediately following the game
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there you have it from here at fenway park. when you look at david price one of the other things we will be doing is wearing number 24. of course ramirez and all he did here, evans as well. pretty interesting price picking number 24. back to you guys. >> dan, thank you so much. by the way if youer are going -- if you are going to the patriots game help out with the toy drive. patriots players will then deliver them to needy kids. if you are not going to the game, there is also a bin at the hall. you do this all before monday. well it has been a busy news day. >> scott joins us live from new york with the preview. >> we are going to have the
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bernardino and we are going to tell you why they now call it a terrorist attack. also we have a look inside the home of the killers. the fbi turned the home over to the owner and the owner opened it up to reporters today. we will show you around and we will have the rest of the breaking news from this investigation coming up on the cbs evening news in about ten minutes. >> we will see you then. up next to the rescue.
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tonight i want to snow you a rescue mission in cape cod bay. they discovered a whale that was tangled in a line. it was in fact last seen
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they said the chances of survival are good. well the lawsuit has been thrown out of court. >> the mayor is trying to figure out his next move. they ruled the commission did not do anything wrong. the mayor has been fighting to stop the casino because he impact on charlestown. well a valuable map that disappeared from the boston been recovered. >> the map stolen by a man convicted of taking valuable maps across the country. they tracked it down at a dealer ship in new york city. the map dates back to 1612. apparently they had plans on selling it from somewhere in the neighborhood of $250,000. still to come the cities where people will spend the most of christmas.
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from sky eye earlier today.
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well if you are hoping for a great christmas gift, you should be really nice to anyone you know who lives in summerville. >> i happen to know someone. the website says people in those it those -- cities will spend the most this holiday season. >> wow. >> my in-s from -- in-laws are from there. i am all set. >> [ laughter ]
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the weekend. it is looking like low 50s tomorrow and upper 50s sunday. sunshine throughout. >> thank you for watching. see you back here for the news
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